Welcome to The Homana Group

With nearly a dozen years of experience in property management, there are three things we know for certain; how to make sound investments, manage our buildings, and how to care for our owners and tenants.

About The Homana Group

Our properties and investments are primarily situated in Westmount, Downtown Montreal, Atwater Market and Griffintown.

The Homana Group was founded on three core principles; communication, transparency and efficiency. The Homana Group is comprised of like-minded individuals with a common goal; to make sure your investment experience is the one you deserve.

Our advantage

The Homana Group uses custom developed applications to make sure all of our project managers are always accessible to our clients, partners, tenants and contractors. 

Our applications have the following capabilities; instant communication, event calendars, scheduled maintenance, payments, and more.

What can we do for you?

Reporting & Strategic Planning

People want to know how their money is being spent. At The Homana Group, we provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports that include detailed information about upcoming projects, financials and everything else that our clients and partners need to know.

These reports are formulated to provide the necessary insights on how your fees are being spent as well as the status of current and future projects.

Our responsibility

At The Homana Group we are committed to sustainable living. Our carbon footprint is something we take very seriously. 

Our objective is simple; reduce our carbon productivity score. The solution? We use innovative softwares and technology, which brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal – a paperless future.



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